The Meowstro Sings: Keep It Together, now available on Spotify.


And what if I should rise up
From several fathoms deep
A scar on my soul and a humbling tale of a world
That swallowed me whole

On The Ocean


Guster | On The Ocean

I close my eyes and there’s someone beside me. 
Hand in hand, we can only speak in tongues.
She’s pulling me along.

What You Wish For

Once had this dream
Crashed down in Oz
Not black and white
But where the colors are

Come Downstairs and Say Hello

Dorothy moves to click her ruby shoes
Right in tune with Dark Side of the Moon


Voices calling from a yellow road
To come downstairs and say hello

The last time I saw them was on their acoustic tour, and one of their string accompanists was wearing a cowboy hat, which somehow ended up with the boys launching into an impromptu sing-a-long of Kenny Roger’s The Gambler.

Guster - I Wanna Know What Love Is from Dead Elm on Vimeo.

Because there’s never a bad time to watch Brian try to sing.